Friday, April 16, 2010

I am back to work after a long winter break. George and I have both been under the weather but we are feeling better now and I am ready to get back to work. Here are some pictures of some new tiles and pictures that I have been working on. Check back for more updates. MG

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Some of my inventory that I have for sell

These are pictures of pictures so some are not as clear as they should be but you can see the look of some of the new things I have been working on. I have done some children tiles with giraffes and little lambs that I am very excited about. Some of them are done on two tiles that are tied together with ribbon. They can be done in a variety of colors , personalized with names and/or date of birth. Also, I am working on alphabet tiles. Each letter will be on a different design that starts with that letter. You can also choose the picture on the tile with your child`s initial on it instead of the alphabet letter. I have several different tiles with flowers and scripture on them. I will try to ge some pictures of the murals that I have available for next time. Remember, baby steps!

New chapter for MG Creations

After much thought and prayer, my blog has been made! Yea!! My cousins are helping me get started but soon I will be learning how to post new pictures and comments myself. I am trying to have a place to show pictures of my inventory. So be patient and check back often to see what is going on in this new world of blogging for me!